Monday, August 24, 2015

Maybe I'll Be An Artist Yet....

Okay. Don't laugh.....I recently drew this. Maybe I've been doing too much pickling. BUT. That was my "inspiration". Maybe I need to back up a little with the "rest of the story".....

A while back, Simply Notable had a post called Journal like an Artist. I couldn't get that idea of doing a journal with artwork out of my head. I LOVED the idea! I always wanted to be an artist. Although, I never felt I had any "artistic talent". This idea was to draw a journal just for the "fun of it". Maybe to progress a little along the way. I tossed the journal idea around for several months. I wasn't sure what media I wanted to give a try.

Around the first part of August, I ended up in the craft store looking at art supplies. I remembered I really liked watercolor (way, WAY back in high school art class). I wasn't sure I wanted to do any painting though. So, I settled on some watercolor pencils. It took me awhile to come up with something to draw. I think because I've spent so MUCH time thumbing through canning books (and loving the beautiful photos), I decided to duplicate (sort of) one of the photos.

I doubt I will be able to draw EVERY day (something is going to suffer if that happens), but, I think I will make an effort to draw AT LEAST once a week. That seems do-able. If you've ever felt the desire to do any artwork, maybe this idea appeals to you also. Join me in a little bit of art journaling. It sounds like a fun way to get in a bit of art doesn't it?

Happy Artwork!


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