Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Lesser of Two Evils....

The No Flour No Sugar Diet is going really well. I've found some interesting recipes I want to try (and some I think I want to re-work). A lot of the recipes that are labeled "No flour no sugar" actually use some sort of sweetener. In fact, they use a sweetener that is on the banned list (honey, pure maple syrup, molasses).
The diet does allow artificial sweeteners. But. From what I've come to learn about artificial sweeteners is that they sort of trick the brain into craving sweets. I kind of believe this could be the case. When I was using artificial sweeteners, I seemed to crave sweets. A LOT. So, now the dilemma is this.....What kind of sweetener is the lesser of two evils?

I found this article about sugar substitutes and decided I would try the coconut sugar (in MODERATION, of course) since it has some good attributes. Then again, so does honey, molasses and pure maple syrup......So why would they be on the banned list then? This would probably be a lot easier if I could just convince myself that broccoli is a yummy snack food. Unfortunately, when you have a craving for CHOCOLATE, broccoli just isn't going to cut it!

Well, I'll just have to do some experimenting and see what seems to work out best. Wish me luck.

Happy dieting!


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