Monday, December 1, 2014

I Just Don't Have "THYME" for This!

Remember this post? Where I enlightened you about the doily beanie project I was obsessed with. The project where I was congratulating myself about how it was turning out just as I envisioned despite the Christmas knitting time quickly vanishing before my very eyes.

Yeah. Well, I had to ditch that project when it went HORRIBLY wrong. You can read all the gory details here. 

It's December first and if I'm going to have any chance of pulling off any knit/crochet/sewn/baked gifts, I've really got to get a game plan! The first thing you've got to do is throw out any project that isn't participating in the whole gift-giving scenario. So, out it went! I still plan on conquering this beanie. BUT. After Christmas!

I hope your gift projects are playing nicer than mine are!

Happy Crafting!


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