Sunday, December 28, 2014

ZickZack Scarf KAL

It's almost here! 2015! What have I been doing to get ready? Cleaning and sorting. I'm not sure why this time of year seems like the perfect time to do this. Maybe, because the New year seems like a fresh start?

The basket of yarn is my fingering weight odds and ends that I really want to use up in 2015. But. If you've read this post then, you know I've been having some issues with fingering weight yarn. Well, since the new year is a new start......wouldn't 2015 be the perfect time to deal with those issues?

Over at  Ravelry's Simply Notable Group, we're going to start a fun "scrappy" KAL. We're going to knit this ZickZack Scarf. Instead of using the self striping yarn we're going to knit this using up all the mini skeins and odds and ends we've accumulated over the years. Doesn't that sound like fun?!?!?! I'm sharing this with you in case......
  1. You have yarn scraps you want to use up.
  2. You want to knit a "scrappy" scarf.
  3. You've always wanted to join a KAL.
  4. You want to have fun!
If any of these sound like a reason to knit a scrappy ZickZack scarf to you.......You should join our fun little group! Once you're there make sure to hop over to the ZickZack Along thread and join in on the fun!

Happy scrappy!



  1. That sounds like quite a nice idea for all those odds and ends. I have a lot of sock yarn leftovers that I have no project for... Just not sure I'm ready to commit myself to another KAL so soon - will have to contemplate. ;)

  2. I love projects that use scrap yarn. Somewhere I have a partially completed scarf made from leftover sock yarn. I should really find that!


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