Thursday, December 11, 2014

Super Quick Stocking Ornament

I've been working away on lots of little ornaments to decorate small (1 gallon) live potted trees as gifts for some friends and neighbors. I've already completed (and given away) one tree and I have to tell you, I was pretty happy with it (and it was really well received by the recipient, too).

I thought I would share a tutorial on the little stocking ornament I made for the tree. They're perfect to stick small treats (or maybe a gift card?) in.  I intended to supply you with the pattern I drew, but I can't get my scanner to participate in this process, so, I'll just give you the tutorial. You should be able to find a small stocking shape to trace (or draw freehand like I did). You might have to make it a little bigger or smaller depending on what you find.

Super Quick Stocking Ornaments-


Small amounts of felt, burlap (you could use other types of fabrics, if desired) and ribbon.


1. Trace the stocking shape onto your top fabric (I used burlap). I just wanted to note here, the lighting on some of these pictures is a little funky.....I have to either use the photos I have or post this NEXT Christmas!

2. Zig-Zag around the tracing (this was mostly to hold the burlap together - you could probably skip this step when using another type of fabric) and cut out stocking.

3. Make a small loop of ribbon and pin onto stocking shape.

4. Pin ribbon over raw edge of top of stocking top edge. Sew to stocking.

5. Pin stocking shape onto a piece of felt (make sure to have at least 1/8" of felt beyond the stocking shape all the way around). With a tight zig-zag (satin stitch), stitch around the stocking shape through both layers leaving top edge open.

6. Cut around stocking shape leaving 1/8" of felt extending beyond the satin stitch. Be careful when cutting behind the ribbon top edge (ask me how I know this).

That's it! Super fast and fun! I know there's only 14 days left before Christmas, but you can totally make a bunch of these in a very short time. Fill them with little chocolates or goodies and they'd be perfect little gifts for someone on your list! But, you'd better get stitchin' I said before.....there's only 14 days left until Christmas!

Happy Christmas sewing!


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  1. Every year I want to make some ornaments with the kids, and every year it never works out! I think that this would have been the year the older ones would have been able to sit down and help me, but then I went and had a new baby a few weeks ago, and now I can't sit down to do anything but nurse! I love these though, super cute!


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