Friday, July 3, 2015

Preserving the Herb Harvest

If you grow your own herbs (and if you don' NEED to start!), here's a list of some fabulous ways I've found to preserve your herb harvest. They're easy. The aroma of working with fresh herbs is amazing. And. When you're done you will have some fabulous products to use in your own cooking or to give away as gifts. What's better than that?!?!?

Let's get the list started......



Need more inspiration for using herbs? Here's some posts I found interesting:

Herbal Bath/Shower Bags
DIY Essential Oils
Pressed Herb Candles
Herb Butter
Herb Infused Balms
Herb Jellies
Herb Infused Waters
Herbal Soap
Herb Infused Honey
Herbed Extracts
Herb Infused Simple Syrups
Herbal Hair Tonic
Herb Infused Vodka
Grow an Herb Garden in Your Kitchen

If you didn't have an herb garden before.....I bet you're starting to plan out your herb garden now! And. If you're a beginner with herbs, this article has some great tips.
Happy Herb Preserving!


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