Monday, June 29, 2015

Preserving the Herb Harvest - Herbed Vinegar

Another super easy way to preserve your herb harvest is by making Herbed vinegars. I've been making herbed vinegars off and on for years now. They're simple to make and fun to use.

Wash herbs thoroughly and pat dry.

Place herbs in a clean, sterilized bottle. Pour vinegar warmed to just below the boiling point over herbs. Any type vinegar you choose - cider, white, rice, or red wine. Cork bottle and set on shelf in a cool, dark place at least 2-4weeks to infuse herb flavors into vinegar. If you don't want the herb stems in your vinegar, you can place herbs in a mason jar and pour the warm vinegar over the herbs. Again, let set 2-4 weeks to infuse. When you're ready to bottle, strain the vinegar first.

Be on the lookout for pretty bottles like these for your herbed vinegars.  Won't these make nice gifts?

Combine the vinegars with some kitchen items (potholders, dishcloths, tea-towels, etc.) and some Herbed Salt for a nice gift basket for any foodie on your list.

My herb preserving is about yours?

Happy Herb Harvesting!


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