Friday, July 25, 2014

How to Make Oat "Flour"

While processed flours aren't allowed on the No Flour No Sugar Diet (that includes rice, potato and corn flours), whole grains are. Brown rice, barley and oats can be eaten on this diet. Some of the No flour no sugar recipes that I want to try, use oats as a filler.

In order to make your oats have a "flour" texture, simply place whole oats in a food processor and chop until they are fine. I'm still in the testing phase of BAKING with the oat "flour". I have used it to coat chicken, fish and vegetables to bake (sort of like Shake and bake). Mix with your favorite seasonings, it makes a nice, nutty texture.

Go ahead, give oat "flour" a whirl!

Happy whole grains!


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