Monday, July 14, 2014

Test Fit

I just finished this knit top as a test fit for the pattern Simplicity 1716. There's a couple of things I don't like about it.....

  1. It's too snug around the belly/hips.
  2. The "flutter" sleeves are not flattering on this 50+ old woman.
  3. The shirring around the waist is weird looking. Sort of like my sewing machine tension was off. More of a "puckering" effect than a "shirring".
Now, that I know what I don't like about the fit. I can adjust the pattern accordingly. That way, the next top I make from this pattern will have a much better fit.

Here's the adjustments I made to the pattern:

  1. Traced the pattern one size larger (this was one of the main motivating factors for the  diet I'm on). I'm planning on losing some of that weight but, realistically, I know that won't be for awhile.
  2. Threw out the "flutter" sleeves piece. Hopefully, I will REMEMBER that I didn't like the way they looked and that's WHY I threw the pattern piece out. Give it time though, because I'll forget and I'll be tracing that pattern piece again some day.....
  3. When I traced the larger pattern size, I left off the markings for the shirring effect. Again, with my memory, well, you know I'll be dragging out the pattern to get those markings.

The last adjustment I made really has to do with construction. The pattern includes a 5/8" seam allowance and I prefer to use a 1/4" seam allowance (as I like to do a 1/4" overcast seam). This means I measured in 3/8" along the side seams, back seam and armholes. These became my new cutting lines.

I didn't need to adjust the neckline (it is folded down) or the hemline. I'm also going to cut the "flutter" sleeves off this top and refinish the edges for a sleeveless top. Even though the hips/belly area is snug, it's totally wearable. Besides, since I'm planning on shrinking that area, it shouldn't be snug for long!

Happy sewing!


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