Thursday, February 5, 2015

Finished 3 Blocks

I figured in January that I REALLY needed to get going again on this wedding afghan. I'm really close to getting this finished (and May will be getting here WAY too fast!). At the beginning of January, I needed 4 12-inch squares and 7 6-inch squares left to crochet. Of course, that doesn't count sewing together into strips and then the strips sewn into the afghan. So. I wanted to make sure I AT LEAST got some blocks made!

Here's the blocks I got finished in January......

The above block is Pizzazz. It's a 12-inch block and even though it took me almost all month to get it finished (okay, I also worked on my ZickZack Scarf quite a bit.....and maybe a few other things), I really thought it was an easy pattern.

Alpine Steps.  I did this one as a 6-inch block. I really like the texture in the solid color.

And. Finally.....

Simple Filet Starburst Square. I also did this as a 6-inch square. I really like the simplicity of this square.

I feel like I WILL be able to meet my goal of finishing this afghan by April 1st (if I get my rear in gear for February....maybe less ZickZacking for me.....)!

What are you crocheting (or knitting) for February?

Happy Crocheting!


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