Saturday, June 27, 2015

Garden Magic

Just wanted to share a little "Garden Magic" with you. Above is a photo of one of my flower beds. Lots of things in bloom now.

I'm really excited to see how this Lychnis does in my flower bed. I've had several customers report that it is deer resistant. It's so pretty with it's bright rosy-pink blooms. I just HAD to try it!

In the "veggie" garden, the zucchini was in bloom this morning (no blooms yesterday....isn't that amazing?).

The snow peas are really becoming prolific.....

Same with the strawberries.

Enough to harvest. The cats are helping to keep critters that eat my strawberries out of the garden.... Good kitties!

I grew my potatoes in a large stock tank this year. They're really growing!

I've never had good luck growing carrots in the ground, so, this year I'm trying them in a large container......

They should do pretty good.....unless a cat lays in the middle of them! BAD kitty!

Last but not least, I've been wanting to add some solar lighting to my garden. I made this hanging Mason jar light from a combination of this tutorial and this tutorial. LOVE it! I'm going to make more!

I also made these Solar light stakes using this pin for inspiration.

Aren't they AWESOME? I can hardly wait for it to get dark now so they will light up!

What are you enjoying about your garden? Are you making any fun garden projects?

Happy Gardening!


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