Monday, June 8, 2015

Easy to Grow Perennials - Bearded Iris

Continuing on with my list of Easy to Grow Perennials.......Let me introduce you to the Bearded Iris. They come in a range of beautiful colors. The most prolific of my Bearded Irises is this lavender-y blue color. It was given to me when a friend had divided  her Irises.

(Isn't this a classy photo with the hoses and weeds in the background?)

Actually, the Bearded Iris would probably fall into the category of Bulbs/Rhizomes rather than "Perennials". But. Whatever. It's a Beautiful flower that comes back every year. It's easy care. GENERALLY deer and critter resistant (I haven't found a plant yet that SOMETHING doesn't eat!). Therefore I'm adding it to my list. Believe me, if it grows (and thrives!) at my house, it can grow anywhere!

Plant the rhizomes between July to October in the full sun (or at least 6-8 hours of sun). You can usually find the rhizomes where they sell other fall bulbs (like daffodils and crocus). Or maybe you have some friends or family that will be dividing Iris and you could get a few from them! Just make sure to remember this plant when you're doing your fall planting. You can thank me later.

Happy Gardening!


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