Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Easy to Grow Perennials- Dianthus

I spent yesterday morning working in my flower garden. I got some photos of what might be one of my new favorite perennials....Dianthus Deltoides. Dianthus is a large family that includes Carnations and Sweet William. The Deltoides (also known as Maiden Pinks) form a mat similar to a ground cover. Above that mat, the stems shoot up with a small bloom.

Dianthus Deltoides comes in a variety of pink, red and white shades. It needs to be planted in full sun or part shade (where it would get at least 6 hours of sun). This little plant has a strong clove-like scent. It reseeds pretty freely (which is great for me as it gives me more FREE plants to distribute through my flower beds). I don't think I've ever had deer or critters eat it (maybe the scent?). It's just the sweetest little perennial!


Look how pretty it is mixed in with the Lamium. Don't you think you need some Dianthus Deltoides in your garden? You just can't go wrong with this one! 

Happy Gardening!


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