Thursday, September 24, 2015

Easy to Grow Perennials - Lavender



If you've been thinking of doing some fall planting. Might I suggest Lavender (lavendula angustifolia). This has to be my favorite perennial. I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to my lavender obsession!

And. What's not to love about this plant? Once established, it's pretty drought resistant. It's also deer (and critter) resistant. Although I have had some of my customers report they've had deer occasionally nibble on their lavender, I have NEVER (knock on wood) had any deer (or anything else for that matter) nibbling on my plants.

If being beautiful in your landscape weren't enough, you can also dry the blooms using this method. I might suggest tying a paper bag loosely over the bundle of blooms to catch any falling blooms as they're drying. Once dry, remove the dried blooms to use in soaps, cooking, sachets, lotions, and any other aroma craft you can imagine.

Well, have I convinced you yet that you need lavender in your garden landscape? If so, you better get to your nearest garden center and buy a few (because believe me, one is NOT enough!).

Happy Gardening!


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